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Chapter 1570 A Text Message From Yulia

  • Cindy curled up her lips. “He sounds quite impatient while talking to me sometimes.”
  • Aurora burst out laughing upon hearing Cindy’s words. “Maybe it’s in their nature to behave like that. To be fair, I get impatient while talking to them sometimes as well.”
  • Just then, the door to Ian’s room opened, and he came out with his cell phone in his hand. His expression gave nothing away, though.
  • Aurora immediately asked, “How is it? Is that a phone call from your agency? Did anything happen?”
  • Ian shook his head. “There’s nothing for now. My agency contacted a few news media that broke the news since they want to ask who is stirring up trouble behind the scenes, but those news media are quite tight-lipped. It’ll probably take some time before we get to know who the person is.”
  • Aurora nodded. “They must have been bought off. Don’t expect them to spill the beans and confess who the mastermind is so easily.”
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