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Chapter 1565 Aurora Is Doxed

  • After standing in the living room for a while, Ian turned around and went back to his room. Once he reached the door to his room, he turned his head and looked at the door to Cindy’s room.
  • He had read Cindy’s statement. He didn’t know if she had done it on purpose, but the statement had, in a way, called Yulia to account besides bringing those fake news accounts to account. Yulia was one of the persons involved, so why didn’t she step forward and explain herself despite knowing there was someone else present?
  • Ian didn’t give much thought to it before, but Yulia called him just now and explained that they had been revising her statement. It was a weak excuse. He didn’t believe that a magazine publisher would have this much trouble writing a decent PR statement, not to mention take so much time revising a statement again and again.
  • However, he also didn’t believe what was said on the internet about how Yulia had had designs on him and wanted to make use of this time’s incident to create a favorable impression for herself and make preparations for the future. His views were still the same as before—that Yulia might not take a fancy to him. She had worked together with many A-list celebrities and encountered numerous people with high status. Therefore, a nobody who had just come to prominence like him couldn’t possibly have drawn her attention.
  • With the aid of the half bottle of beer, he fell asleep not long after lying down in bed.
  • Ian was supposed to have a filming session on the next day, but he and Cindy received a phone call from the agency when they woke up early in the morning. The agency told them that the filming session today had been canceled and postponed, and told them to avoid going outdoors and showing their faces in public.
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