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Chapter 1563 An Ill-Timed Phone Call

  • Cindy was somewhat annoyed as well. Sena, Linda, and Yulia had all been involved with Ian, but none of them had gained any benefit from it. Someone had hit the nail on the head before when they said that one should stay away from Ian or risk death or injury.
  • Cindy read some of the comments, but she didn’t bother to read the rest. Instead, she turned her attention to those fake news accounts that had emphatically accused Ian of having an affair, wanting to see if they had done anything else. She found that they had collectively refuted Ian’s claims after his statement was released, but they went quiet when her statement was released. Some even jokingly commented under these fake news accounts’ posts that they should destroy the surveillance footage as soon as possible, proving that the public was now taking sides with Ian.
  • Cindy hesitated for a moment before reading the statement Ian had issued earlier. She knew that this statement was written by the agency’s public relations department. Nevertheless, her heart raced when she saw the statement’s last few sentences expressing his love for her.
  • She wondered if the public relations department had sent the statement to Ian and let him review it beforehand. But even if they didn’t, Ian should have read the statement posted on his account afterward. I wonder how he felt when he read those sentences.
  • Cindy thought she was overthinking things, but she couldn’t restrain herself. Her emotions went back and forth for a while before her cell phone rang. Startled, she quickly took the phone and looked at it. Surprisingly, it was a phone call from Gary. She answered the phone and greeted, “Hi, Mr. Frye.”
  • “Uh-huh,” Gary responded with a noticeable hint of tiredness in his voice; he had probably just come off work. Then, he continued, “I just saw what happened on the internet. Are you and Ian all right?”
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