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Chapter 1543 Why Did He Treat Her So Well?

  • She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall as she recalled the scene when they met Gary in the morning.
  • She wondered if Ian was being forced to put on an act, but he treated her very gently in front of Gary, to the point of holding her hand when they left his company.
  • Back then, she thought that Ian just wanted to put on an act for Gary and did not think too much into it.
  • However, when she thought about it now, she raised her hand and looked at it.
  • In all honesty, Ian did not have to do that. After all, Gary was not someone in the entertainment industry and he did not care what the relationship between both of them was. It was unnecessary for Ian to put on the act in the morning.
  • He should probably understand this, so Cindy was confused by his reaction.
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