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Chapter 1535 Reality Television Show for Couples

  • Ian was not exasperated; he was just quite surprised. He had always thought that Naomi and Cindy were quite carefree and easygoing, but he apparently just realized that it was not the case.
  • Cindy was the only carefree one.
  • After a few seconds of silence, he replied, “Of course I’ve planned for the future. It is true that I should consider settling down at my age and having a family. However, just as what you have said, we have to follow the rules of this industry. We have no choice but to wait for certain matters.”
  • She quickly concurred. “Exactly. Some things just can’t be settled now.”
  • Then, she looked at the current situation from another perspective. “Now that Ian is famous, he can bring more dough. We should definitely take this opportunity to earn more. Everyone wants to settle down, but money is the deciding factor. It’s obvious that we have to earn enough first.”
  • In less than three sentences, Cindy had touched on one of her most prominent traits, which rendered Naomi speechless after a moment of surprise.
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