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Chapter 1534 When Are You Going to Settle Down?

  • As she spoke about this, Naomi became rather wistful. “Cindy, you are such a well-rounded person. In the past, you were excellent at sewing and now, you even picked up cooking. You are the role model for all women.”
  • Well, this is a bit overboard. Hence, Cindy quickly raised her hand. “Oh, not at all. Isn’t this just the basics of being a woman?”
  • Naomi smiled. “I’m praising you, yet you are insulting me?”
  • Cindy laughed out loud. As she hugged one arm around Naomi’s waist, she explained, “How would I bear to insult you? Why are you thinking so much?”
  • Ian raised his head and looked at the interaction between Cindy and Naomi. It seems like it’s only in front of Naomi that Cindy would laugh so freely. Even though Cindy will sometimes squabble with me, I can clearly feel that she is still keeping a distance from me.
  • The distance between him and Cindy was a coincidence that could not disappear in a short time.
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