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Chapter 1528 Drunk

  • Upon hearing that, Aurora laughed and commented, “It isn’t the same when it comes to you, of course. He treats you as his family.” She then added, “I’m also slowly making up to him for my absence when he was little, so hopefully one day he will treat me as his family.”
  • It was shortly after that Ian returned with a dozen beers while an elated Aurora quickly approached him to take the carton from him.
  • Cindy remembered that he would not be filming for the show until almost noon the next day, so it wouldn’t matter even if he drank a bit today.
  • This time, Aurora opened a bottle of beer for each of them and Cindy took the proffered bottle. It was after that when Aurora poured a glass for herself before she drained its contents.
  • Subsequently, while they were eating, Aurora asked Cindy how she had been in the past few days of living in another place.
  • In fact, nothing special had happened when Cindy stayed with Naomi. As she was never an outdoor person, she hadn’t really gone out with Naomi to have fun. Instead, she was rather an introvert who preferred staying indoors whenever she had time. So, she nodded and replied, “Not bad.”
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