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Chapter 1524 Envy

  • Cindy, who was beside Naomi, frowned at what Naomi said because it made her feel awkward, let alone Ian.
  • Hence, Cindy piped up, “Shut up. What makes you think that everyone else is as crafty as you?”
  • Ian didn’t switch on his mic, but for some reason, he felt his face was on fire while he coughed twice. It felt like all of his secret actions had been exposed, which didn’t exactly feel nice.
  • Naomi countered, “Why are you so protective over him? I didn’t imply anything. I was just trying to say that he might have found the time that you two spent together earlier too short. What do you think I meant? Why are you being so sensitive?”
  • It was through a new match that Cindy started in her attempt to drop the topic. “Alright, then. Shut up and start the game. Don’t be a drag on the game.”
  • While on the side, Naomi reluctantly commented, “Now that you have your boyfriend to help you to win the game, are you looking down on an amatuer like me? When you didn’t have him to help you, you and I used to be partners who tried our best to win together.”
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