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Chapter 1520 Living Together

  • Ian lowered his hat a little more before he suddenly thought of something, so he turned around and warned Cindy. “You need to be more careful with Gary, so that the media doesn’t pick up on any gossip. I’m fine with you using me to flatter yourself as long as you don’t get me into trouble.”
  • She pouted her lips. “Even if I want to stir up any gossip about him and me, I still don’t think it’ll work. A lot of girls have tried to cling onto Gary for many years, which makes me think I won’t be the one to succeed. Don’t think too much about it. Why do you always expect me to cuckold you?”
  • After he glared at her, she quickly smiled and answered, “I’m just joking with you. Even if he and I are dating, it still doesn’t count as cuckolding you. As long as everyone else doesn’t know about our relationship, no one can tell us otherwise.”
  • Upon listening to her words, Ian sneered, “I’ve realized that you are quite bold with your actions lately. Back then, you used to be shy in front of me. Why the sudden change?”
  • “Shy?” Cindy was surprised for a moment before she explained, “Actually, I didn’t know you that well then, so I was just being polite.”
  • “Do you know me well now then?” There was a hint of joy in his voice.
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