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Chapter 152 Worry About Him?

  • Sophia didn’t quite understand the old man’s remark.
  • The old man then slowly got up from the sofa and headed toward her and Ian with his cane. He was stooped since he was in his twilight years, thus appearing an entire head shorter than Ian who was standing ramrod straight. Nonetheless, his aura more than made up for that fact. He stared at Ian for a long time before nodding. “You’ve lost weight.”
  • All at once, Sophia turned and looked at Ian as well, finding this interaction between father and son rather strange.
  • At this precise moment, the woman stood up and came over to help support the old man. “You must have waited here all morning. Now that you’ve seen him, you can rest easy. So, let’s go upstairs and rest, okay?”
  • The old man’s gaze shifted to Sophia but he said nothing, merely nodding in utter satisfaction. Such an attitude had goosebumps rising all over Sophia’s body. Then, he turned around. “Okay. I’m tired, so help me upstairs to rest.”
  • The woman held the old man’s arm, but the moment she pivoted, she threw Sophia an intense look. As Sophia had a bad impression of the woman, she outright rolled her eyes at her.
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