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Chapter 1516 Public Display of Affection

  • Cindy furrowed her brows slightly and she shifted to the side uncomfortably to avoid him, but she continued to say, “There’s no need for all that between us. She doesn’t care for all these pretenses.”
  • Suddenly, Ian laughed and sat up as he leaned against the back of the chair. Then, he replied in a faint voice, “Well, I care about it, alright?”
  • At that moment, Naomi lifted her head to look at the two of them. She had noticed them inching closer to whisper to each other earlier, so she started to tease, “I guess you haven't had enough of the public display of affection while we were in that game, which is why you’re doing it in front of me again. Could you please spare a thought for this single lady here and show some concern for my delicate mind?”
  • Meanwhile, Cindy raised her voice to hide her fluster. “Hurry up and order our meal. Stop dilly-dallying. If you keep this up, I won’t let you choose the dishes!”
  • Just then, Naomi grunted lightly and lowered her head to browse through the menu. Truth was, she was in a tight spot and didn’t know what to order because everything on the menu was just too pricey. They had just graduated not long ago and weren't earning a fortune, so they tended to spend within their means. Her first reaction upon seeing such a posh menu was to jump in fright. Although Cindy was in a relationship with someone loaded like Ian, Naomi had no intention to take advantage of the situation. I must not take advantage of Cindy’s boyfriend even if he’s loaded. If I do that, surely he would be unhappy with Cindy. In the end, Naomi flicked through the menu and chose two comparatively affordable dishes.
  • At the same time, Aurora held a menu in her hands too, but she was much more relaxed about it than Naomi so she went ahead and ordered two dishes before handing over the menu to Cindy. “Cindy, take a look and choose what you’d like to have.”
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