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Chapter 1514 Keep Ian Captivated

  • The main reason was that the girl didn’t even bother to edit the video and her haughty words from earlier were also included.
  • Naomi hadn’t had the chance to take a look at the comments, so she quickly clicked on it and read each one by the heading. Soon after that, she burst out laughing. “Though there are some accusatory comments, most of them seem to be judging her by her lack of intelligence.”
  • Cindy smiled and walked toward the bathroom to freshen up, completely unaffected by the incident.
  • Coming out of the bathroom, she heard her cell phone ring and it turned out to be Ian calling her.
  • She was well aware of the reason for him doing so, which is why she walked over to answer the phone.
  • Ian’s voice rang out neutrally. “Are you alright? Did someone try to find fault with you?”
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