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Chapter 1500 At the Night Market

  • Cindy’s expression froze for a second before she quickly answered, “Uh—yes. He introduced us.”
  • Some things need not be clarified and sometimes, white lies were for the best.
  • Clasping her cheeks, Naomi moaned, “Oh, my god, Cindy, I’m so jealous of your life! You have Ian as a boyfriend and can network using his connections… Your life is reaching new heights!”
  • Patting her shoulder, Cindy commented, “Rein in your imagination. My life hasn’t reached any new heights; I’m as poor as I used to be.”
  • Right as she said that, she glanced out of the corner of her eye, only to notice two particularly familiar figures nearby.
  • Squinting, she stared at them. Their faces were indistinguishable as they were donning hats and masks.
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