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Chapter 150 Ian Morgan

  • Sophia was surprised, for nothing happened between John and the woman that day. Furthermore, there were multiple CCTVs there since it was a banquet, so once someone checks the CCTV footage, everything will come to light. It’s indeed pandemonium with the public opinion now with this exposé, but the backlash when she’s proven a liar later will be exceedingly severe.
  • Instead of calling Zack back, she called John outright. John promptly answered the call, sounding rather placid. “Is the scandal on the Internet impacting you much?” Sophia asked.
  • John even chuckled as he replied, “Impact is inevitable since others have no idea what transpired.” Perhaps everyone is more willing to believe such a scandalous thing.
  • Sophia’s brows furrowed. “There’s CCTV footage, no?”
  • Heaving a sigh, John remarked, “They’ve probably destroyed the CCTV footage.” That President McCaw is no fool, so he won’t possibly stand out and accuse me boldly otherwise.
  • Sophia, however, found it rather hilarious. “All the CCTV footage is gone?” After all, while I’ve been avoiding the crowd when I was there that day, I did make an appearance at various events, so the CCTVs must have captured me.
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