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Chapter 1492 Not the Same

  • A photographer like Yulia was usually hard to book, even by bigshots in the industry.
  • Contrary to that fact, she’d agreed to give Ian a photoshoot. Perhaps she was really doing it for the sake of Hannah.
  • Cindy’s smile was unfaltering as she said, “You and Ms. Jones must be really close friends. She even gave you her schedule.”
  • Yulia didn’t try to cover it up. “Yeah, we’ve been friends for many years. She used to ask me to do magazine photoshoots for the talents under her, but I never said yes. The reason was simple—they simply weren’t worth it.”
  • Yulia was very frank with her words. Cindy gradually put away the friendliness on her face, and her eyebrows twitched momentarily.
  • What makes them worth it, and what makes them not?
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