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Chapter 149 A Scandal

  • The next day, Sophia woke up early in the morning. After freshening up, she even applied light makeup. There were some frozen dumplings in the freezer, so she cooked two servings. Just when she’d finished cooking, John came down.
  • However, he was talking on the phone as he descended the stairs, and it appeared as though something had happened to his company since his expression was rather grave. Sophia merely took a single glance before she retracted her gaze, not at all worried about Constance Company. All those old and young members of the Constance Family are with the company, so if they can’t manage the situation, then they really ought to retire from office. Anyway, John is probably not having breakfast judging from his predicament now. Saying nothing, she took a bowl of dumplings into the dining room.
  • John answered the call in the living room, but he merely ordered the person on the other end to handle the matter first while waiting for him to arrive. After hanging up the phone, he whirled around and cast his gaze at the dining room. “I won’t be having breakfast today. I’ve got to leave now.” A few seconds later, Sophia murmured a mild acknowledgment.
  • John, however, added, “I probably won’t be coming back for lunch either, but I’ll come and pick you up for the banquet tonight.” Sophia stilled, only now remembering that the banquet he mentioned back then was tonight. She then indicated her assent, and he subsequently left.
  • After having breakfast alone, Sophia straightened up the house for a bit before leaving upon seeing that it was almost time. She headed to the airport since the singer had given her his flight information, and she’d promised to pick him up. As she took the highway, the entire stretch of road was clear, so it was still early when she arrived at the airport. Thus, she went into the arrival hall.
  • Just when she’d gone in, her cell phone rang with a call from Zack. She hadn’t been taking his calls recently, not quite in the mood to do so since she didn’t know what to say. After all, the Constance Family was about the sum of their common topic, and she truly didn’t feel like bringing up that mess.
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