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Chapter 1486 Developing a Relationship

  • Cindy only got up at noon the next day.
  • Ian had a shoot that morning, so he had already left the house by the time she woke up. To some extent, Cindy had deliberately gotten up at the time she did because she didn’t exactly want to run into him.
  • In truth, she couldn’t quite explain it either; perhaps Ian’s distant attitude last night had ticked her off. Although she had thought about it and remembered that Ian behaved like that even before then, she shouldn’t overthink things. Besides, they used to get along well.
  • However, she couldn’t hide the awkwardness she felt.
  • If they were both going to be uncomfortable being in the same room, why not avoid it then?
  • After Cindy had gotten up, she washed her face and freshened herself up. Then, she headed to the kitchen.
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