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Chapter 1485 An Embarrassing and Annoying Dream

  • Initially, Cindy wanted to cook up a feast for Ian, so she made a whole table’s worth of food. Now that she had cooked all that food, she was the only one to eat it.
  • Cindy lowered her head and ate a few mouthfuls. For some reason, she felt that there was no point to any of this, and she also felt like her efforts had been betrayed.
  • Throughout the entire meal, Ian never once came back out. The house was silent, and it seemed as though he hadn’t returned at all.
  • Meanwhile, Cindy had lost her appetite. After consuming half of her plate’s contents, she put down her cutlery and let out a long sigh. She then got up to store the leftovers before washing the dishes. Once that was done, she turned on the television and plopped down on the couch to watch it alone.
  • Ian still hadn’t emerged, nor was there any sound from his room. It felt inexplicably eerie, seeming as though they were both caught up in a cold war.
  • Cindy thought about it carefully, cataloguing everything that had happened today. She was very sure that there had been any friction between them. After all, everything had been perfectly fine until then.
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