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Chapter 147 Familiarity Breeds Fondness

  • Old Mr. Bailey and Isabelle didn’t stay for long since Sophia put on an exaggerated show of her meal being interrupted. Old Mr. Bailey merely discussed some details of the upcoming contract with John in brief before leaving. Anyway, Sophia didn’t understand a single word of it.
  • When they’d left, Sophia then turned and looked at John. “Miss Bailey must be the person in charge on the Baileys’ side for this collaboration between the two companies, no?” Isabelle was working in Bailey Corporation, but Sophia had never bothered to find out her post. Isabelle Bailey will certainly grab hold of such a golden opportunity this time.
  • Sitting down, John murmured an assent. “Probably.” He wasn’t quite certain, but judging from William’s call earlier whereby he warned him to watch himself, he was likely to have rather frequent contact with Isabelle.
  • Sophia snorted and took another crab leg. “Ah, familiarity breeds fondness.” This remark was a taunt of sorts, but John merely sat down and stared at the room door for a while before he started eating.
  • Meanwhile, Old Mr. Bailey and Isabelle went back to their room, the former’s expression still grim. Glancing at him, Elder Mr. Bailey asked, “What happened? Why are you still so angry when you’ve gone over for a visit?”
  • Old Mr. Bailey pulled a face. “I’m now all the more furious after going over there.”
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