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Chapter 1461 An Awkward Conversation

  • Lastly, Aurora held her teacup in both hands and said, “If I can make a comeback, everything I have will be yours. It wasn’t just because he wanted to live an ordinary life that I split up with that lover of mine. Who wouldn’t want to make money? But a couple that marries when they’re already halfway through life can never open their hearts to each other. He has his own children, so he naturally has to consider their interests, but I don’t want to share what I earn with outsiders. I’ve never given you anything since you were little, so how could I possibly give anything to others? I can’t get over this.” Because of that, she’d rather sever all ties with her lover now while they were still keeping separate finances than see both of them quarrel over money in the future.
  • Ian let out a sigh. “I don’t want anything from you. I’m not interested in any of your stuff.”
  • Aurora nodded with a smile. “It’s your business whether you want it or not, but whether or not I want to give it, whether or not I can give it, and whether or not I have the ability to give it are some things that I should consider. I have nothing to make it up to you, so I just want to try my best not to owe you money.” Since she had nowhere else to go, she stayed in Ian’s place after having her meal.
  • Ian pondered for a moment before going to his room with his cell phone in his hand. It seemed that he was going to pull some strings and find jobs for Aurora.
  • Now that Ian had left, Cindy certainly couldn’t go back to her room. Even if she had no other intentions, it would be displeasing for her to leave Aurora alone here—after all, it would seem like she was giving her attitude. Besides, she couldn’t go to her room in Aurora’s presence. Aurora was experienced when it came to relationships. If she saw them sleeping in separate rooms, she would figure everything out at once. Therefore, she could only keep Aurora company and sit at one side, but she had nothing to say.
  • Cindy and Aurora had nothing in common to talk about, so they naturally had nothing to chat about. Cindy wasn’t chatty in the first place, so she would usually remain silent when she was around unfamiliar people. However, Aurora spoke first after taking a look at her. “Young lady, I’ve read online before that you and Ian seem to have been dating for a long time. How did you two get to know each other? When did you two start dating?”
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