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Chapter 1446 Teaming Up

  • Or to be precise, she never thought she’d have a chance to play with Ian. Ian didn’t turn his mic on, and he didn’t like to talk, so even though they were sitting side by side, he kept quiet throughout the match. However, Cindy was a different case. She kept talking as she played.
  • “You can’t escape, archer. Have a taste of my hammer!”
  • Ian didn’t think much when he played, though he wanted to laugh every time Cindy talked.
  • Cindy was a different person when she played games. Usually, she had a professional feel to her, but she’d become a little girl whenever she played games. Cindy didn’t realize that about herself, so she kept mumbling until the match had ended, then she smiled. “We won.”
  • Ian smiled as well. “Easy game.”
  • Cindy couldn’t control herself, and she patted his shoulder. “You’re a decent player yourself.”
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