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Chapter 1445 Games

  • Hannah quickly dissuaded him. “Now calm down. I’ll handle this, so leave it to me. I won’t let you down. You’re both my artists, but I know what I must do. You’re my trump card, so of course I won’t let you lose out on this. I’ll talk to the company. Don’t worry. Let’s see what they’ll do next, but I’m sure everyone will be happy with the outcome.”
  • Ian didn’t want to force her to give Linda up, so he merely grunted. “I’ll give you until tonight. If I don’t see anything by then, I’ll have to defend myself.”
  • Since it was early, Cindy didn’t start cooking just yet. She ordered a few pots of flowers online a couple of days ago, and the delivery arrived on this day. She took it from the guard and went back to the living room. The pots and soil were all ready, which meant all she had to do was plant the flowers in them, and she’d be done.
  • Ian came out of his room after he called Hannah, and the first thing he saw was Cindy fiddling with her flowers. He planned to talk to her about how Hannah would handle the matter, but when he saw what she was doing, he knew she didn’t care about the matter at all. That made him feel relieved, since he saw how hostile the comments were toward Cindy.
  • She had already gotten a lot of haters when she was exposed as Ian’s girlfriend. Just when it finally died down a little, those b*stards dragged her down into a new scandal. She was just an ordinary girl, but she had to go through so much, and Ian feared she might break down. Cindy had a few supporters when she was announced as Ian’s girlfriend, but now nobody stood up for her.
  • This was the part Ian disliked about the entertainment circle. Relationships were supposed to be private, but everyone forced them to be open about it so they could critique them.
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