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Chapter 1443 Rumors

  • Cindy had heard rumors about Linda making a request to Hannah. Since she was inundated by scandals, she wanted Hannah to give her more resources so she could appear more on TV shows and gain some goodwill. For example, Linda volunteered herself to play a role in the urban romance drama Ian was starring in. Apparently, she wanted to act as a likable supporting character.
  • However, Hannah didn’t give her that role, since she thought it didn’t suit Linda’s image. But then she turned around and gave the drama’s protagonist role to Ian, and that probably upset Linda.
  • That was how the entertainment world worked. An unfair distribution of resources would be enough to cross a lot of people, but honestly, it wasn’t as if Ian could do anything about that. Besides, with how bad-tempered Linda was, a single likable character wasn’t enough to turn her bad reputation around.
  • On the other end of the call, Cindy answered, “I see. I’m fine, so don’t worry. This doesn’t affect me much.”
  • Cindy was just a nobody, so it was easy for her to get herself out of this whole mess, but for the moment, everyone who went past her would either stare at her with a silent message in their eyes, or they’d pretend she didn’t exist. No matter how they looked or didn’t look at her, she thought she was being antagonized. Suddenly, she felt exhausted about the whole affair, and she felt sorry for Ian.
  • Sure, she might be in the center of the storm, but she didn’t have to face anyone. All she had to do was lock herself up and ignore all the comments, but not Ian. He had to cheer himself up and look happy for the camera. Even though he was also in the center of the storm, he had to act like a gentleman. Must be hard for him.
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