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Chapter 1438 An Unexpected Fight

  • This driver was usually friendly toward Ian and Cindy, but he was still a rather hot-tempered individual. “Yeah, I’m talking about you.” Linda widened her eyes as she glared at the driver.
  • Swoosh. The driver got to his feet the very next second. “Who do you think you are? You want me to greet you, huh? Do you think I would want to greet someone with an attitude like yours?”
  • Linda’s assistant had been following closely behind her, and she thought that Linda was being a little too much. On top of that, Linda had received a lot of backlash after she got too close with one of the male celebrities—the public thought her approach was too aggressive. A good number of female fans, in particular, were boycotting Linda because of this.
  • The assistant hastily rushed forward to calm Linda down. “Don’t get mad, Linda. There’s no need for this. Don’t get too worked up over this, okay?” The assistant then turned to the driver. “Please don’t mind her. Linda’s in a bad mood today. I’m sorry.” The assistant spoke in a nice and gentle tone—it was evident that she was attempting to protect Linda’s reputation.
  • However, Linda wasn’t in her right mind today, and she abruptly lifted her hand to give her assistant a slap across the cheek. “I didn’t ask for your opinion. It’s not your turn to speak, you useless thing.”
  • The assistant was taken aback by the sudden attack, and she staggered backward before falling into the chair beside her. Cindy let out a soft gasp before she ran over to help the assistant up. “Are you okay?” The assistant was too stunned to speak. She simply pressed a hand against her cheek as she remained silent.
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