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Chapter 1435 On Its Last Legs

  • Ian leaned back against the sofa. “Why did you come today? This is the only day I’m free. I’ve still got something to do tomorrow, so I can’t keep you company.”
  • Aurora nodded. “I’m actually not here for anything specific. It’s just that I haven’t seen you in a long time, so I wanted to come and see you.” Her hands were crossed on her lap, and she subconsciously rubbed them. “I just wanted to come and see whether you’re doing okay.”
  • Dropping her gaze, Cindy glanced at her action. Her intuition told her that Aurora had something to say, so she stood up. “Would you like some fruits? I’ll wash some fruits for you.” Without waiting for her response, she spun around and went to the kitchen. There were indeed fruits on the kitchen counter, but she didn’t take any, merely leaning against the counter with her arms crossed.
  • Meanwhile, Aurora breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that Cindy had left. Straightening, she remarked, “I broke up with him.”
  • Ian wasn’t at all surprised. “Well, it’s normal to break up if a couple can’t get along.”
  • Aurora licked her lips. “He’s a decent man, but we have different goals, so both of us will be tired if we carry on.”
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