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Chapter 1433 Much Closer

  • Nonetheless, the assistant still envied Cindy. “Although you’ve got a lot to do, it’s just different. You’re dating while working, yet I’m only working, so I’ve got no motivation.”
  • Cindy patted her on the shoulder. “Think of money. When there’s money, there’s motivation.”
  • The assistant shook her head. “I don’t have much of a desire for money now.”
  • All of a sudden, Cindy envied her. How I wish that I too won’t have much of a desire for money one day! After all, one would only have no desire for something because one already has it. I wonder when I’ll have enough resources to support me that I no longer have any desire for money.
  • It was only when Ian came over did the assistant leave.
  • Ian glanced at the assistant. “You’re acquainted with her?”
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