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Chapter 1426 Girlfriend Fan

  • Cindy knew that these words were meant for the people around them, so she played along. “I was dreaming when you roused me. Since I was jolted awake, my mind feels rather fuzzy.”
  • The corners of Ian’s mouth curved upward. “What were you dreaming about?”
  • Humming thoughtfully, Cindy answered in a voice colored with mild frustration, “I dreamed that I suddenly had a lot of money that just won’t finish. Just when I was planning to have a good laugh, you woke me up.”
  • Ian’s gaze went to her face for a few moments. I wonder if she made this dream up on the fly, but it is very likely true as well. He merely snickered without saying anything.
  • This public display of affection had others around them feeling rather discomfited. The makeup artist shot Ian a look before stealing a glance at Cindy. It was blatantly obvious that she wanted to say something, but she swallowed her words in the end.
  • During a lull in her conversation with Ian, Cindy looked around. All at once, she saw Yulia looking at her a near distance away. Yes, she was looking at her instead of Ian, and her expression was cold, wholly different from when she interacted with Ian earlier. Nonetheless, Cindy didn’t shy away. She looked her right in the eye, her gaze far more placid compared to Yulia’s slightly hostile gaze.
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