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Chapter 1425 Yulia Noble

  • Ian glanced at Cindy. “I’ll carry it.”
  • Cindy seemingly understood his meaning within seconds, so she merely nodded. “Thank you.”
  • The magazine’s associate editor was already waiting, so when he saw Ian approach, he quickly came over and smilingly extended a hand. “Oh, you’re finally here, Mr. Morgan!”
  • Ian flashed him a smile, putting on a modest expression. “Sorry for making you wait.”
  • Ian exchanged a few words with the associate editor before they headed in the direction of the publishing house. The associate editor said that the studio was ready, merely waiting for Ian to start. Beside Ian, Cindy frowned and surreptitiously glanced at the time. It’s not yet the agreed-upon shooting time, so why are they making it sound as though Ian is putting on airs, thus arriving late?
  • On their way to the studio, the people around furtively shifted their gazes over. When they noticed Ian carrying his own cosmetic box, in particular, their expressions turned all kinds of conflicted when they next looked at Cindy.
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