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Chapter 1418 Nothing Is Impossible

  • Ian was unused to having a woman busying herself in his house. After spending some time staring at the TV, he returned to his room as he couldn’t focus on watching it anyway. He left the blanket that Cindy used on the sofa, then locked himself in his room before making his way to the window.
  • Now, he was feeling a little irritated by his unconventional relationship with Cindy, but upon closer introspection, he realized there wasn’t anything of substance between them to begin with.
  • After spending some time by the window, Logan’s call came through. With how busy he was taking care of his wife, Ian was surprised that Logan even had time to contact him. As soon as the call connected, Logan said, “I didn’t expect you to create such a huge ruckus when I wasn’t looking! Have you finally decided to date your assistant?”
  • Ian didn’t need to keep anything from Logan, so he told the latter the truth. “It’s fake. We did everything to deal with the scandal.”
  • Logan let out a chuckle before continuing, “Seems like my guess was correct. I think you two are quite compatible with each other though. Despite how things started between you two, you still have a chance of turning it into a real relationship.”
  • Ian sniggered. “It’s a pity that you aren’t working as a script writer.” After that, he added, “I can’t possibly date my assistant.”
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