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Chapter 1415 In Harmony

  • Without a word, John smiled, whereas Sophia read through a few more articles before letting out a yawn. She now pretty much led a carefree life that consisted of a daily schedule of her filling up her stomach, having fun and sleeping. There were times she couldn’t help but feel like she was a baby herself.
  • On the other hand, John was walking around while carrying the baby. After some time, he turned around to look at Sophia. “You should get some sleep upstairs if you’re tired. I’ll go get you when it’s time for dinner.”
  • Standing up from where she sat, Sophia stretched out as she spoke. “Last night, Dad wanted me to tell you to go back to work if you have time. You shouldn’t be staying at home all day.”
  • “Why is that so?” John didn’t think it was unreasonable at all. “Just so you know, I’m working as a househusband, so I’m not lazing around while at home. Don’t you dare look down on my profession.”
  • Frowning, Sophia stared at him for a while before leaving for upstairs. “Fine. I’m not going to waste time bickering with you since you always have these silly comebacks.”
  • All the while, John was petting the baby while asking playfully, “I’m sure you want your daddy to keep you company as well, right?”
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