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Chapter 1413 Mountains Out of Mole Hills

  • Ian waited until the car stopped, but instead of getting out of the car, he called out to Cindy, who was still sitting in the passenger seat. “Come over here.”
  • Turning around to cast a glance at Ian, she instantly realized what he wanted to do, so she climbed through the space between the driver and passenger seat to get to the back seat. After that, Ian got out of the car before looking back at her with his hand reaching out. Although Cindy knew it was an act, her heart was still fluttering, and she hesitated for a moment before finally putting her hand in his palm.
  • In fact, all Ian did was help her get out of the car. As soon as she was out, he retracted his hand before the two of them entered the agency side-by-side. Hannah was already waiting when they got to the meeting room, but Cindy wasn’t required to attend the meeting. When Ian entered the room, Cindy peeked inside while passing by, only to see that there were a few other higher-ups in the room. She figured it made sense that they saw the need to call for a meeting, considering the fact that they were experiencing such a major shake-up.
  • Cindy waited for Ian in the lounge with the driver by her side. While in there, the driver was checking on the latest gossip and tutting from time to time. Although she was curious about the fans’ opinion of her, she decided to not ask as she knew that she would crack easily under pressure.
  • After going through most of the comments, the driver put his phone away. “Cindy, the relationship between you and Ian is currently the trending topic.”
  • There was some hesitation on her part before making a remark. “I suppose we’re the only ones who see this as a big deal when it isn’t in fact anything of importance.”
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