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Chapter 1411 Reciprocation

  • Cindy combed her hair to the side. “You should go wash up.”
  • With that, Ian left for the washroom in strides, whereas Cindy laid the food out on the table before sitting down. She glanced at the entrance of the washroom while letting out a breath of air that she was holding in. I only caught a glimpse of his body, so why does he look so wary? He looks alright, but I don’t believe that he was never unclothed in front of someone else.
  • Meanwhile, Ian changed into a new set of clothes after washing up, and he was once again the gentleman whom she was used to seeing. With the utensils laid out, Cindy lowered her gaze. “Let’s eat.”
  • Instead of digging in, Ian asked, “Did you not run into any paparazzis?”
  • Cindy shook her head. “I found it odd too that there was nobody outside.”
  • Despite his raised eyebrow, Ian said nothing. After they finished their meal, Ian’s phone rang with a call from Hannah. As the call was for Ian, he answered the call at the balcony, so Cindy didn’t know what their conversation was about. Ian returned after a short while to sit on the sofa. “We’ll have to wait. The driver has yet to come.”
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