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Chapter 1403 The Thing With His Girlfriend

  • Ian rarely wore such a disgruntled look on his face, so Cindy figured whoever on the other side of the line couldn’t possibly be his girlfriend. All of a sudden, she was reminded of her dream from two nights before. It was odd for her to have dreamt about something so strange. Although she didn’t dream about anything outrageous, the scene of Ian asking if she liked him stuck with her. It made her feel uncomfortable whenever she recalled it.
  • After lunch, she collected everybody’s lunchboxes to throw them into the bin beside the car. She was facing Ian when she turned around, and he was also coincidentally looking her way. There was some hesitation on her part before she suggested, “Why don’t you contact Hannah if you have trouble handling this? I think she might know what to do.”
  • Ian gazed at her. Initially, she assumed he would ignore her, but he grunted before giving his reply. “I will do that.” As per her suggestion, Ian actually gave Hannah a call when he was taking a break from the shoot in the afternoon.
  • On the other hand, Hannah had also read the article online, and she was also about to contact him to see if he had any plans regarding the netizens’ plans to find out who his girlfriend was. Ian lied by telling her, “I’ll be frank with you. I already broke up with her before my debut, but I didn’t tell you as I consider it as a private matter. So, in short, nobody will be making any statement to show their support for me.”
  • Seemingly having expected a situation like this, Hannah stated, “I figured this was the case when you stopped talking about her by the end of the talent show. However, you can’t reveal your breakup at this point in time, as you should avoid giving yourself more trouble now that you’re at the cusp of things.”
  • Ian also understood the importance of keeping the truth a secret. “But I don’t want anybody to uncover her identity, as I don’t want to implicate her in any capacity.”
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