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Chapter 1400 Being Ostracized

  • No matter what they were thinking about, they wouldn’t show it on their faces, so at least they were treating Ian politely. Cindy waited for Ian to get his makeup done before handing him his outfit. After that, she found herself a spot in the room and sat down in silence, keeping her presence unnoticeable. However, she kept an eye on Ian so that she would immediately notice if anything happened on his end, which was a habit of hers.
  • Whenever Ian was at a filming set, other celebrities would greet him to engage in a conversation with him despite the fact that they weren’t well-acquainted with each other. However, nobody spoke to him that day, as all of the other guest celebrities seemed to be busy with their own stuff. In effect, it made the dressing room eerily quiet.
  • After mulling over the situation, Cindy figured it was probably because of the scandal on the Internet that had been spread on the previous day. Ian was currently under the limelight after pulling the rug out from under Sena by using the two clips, which naturally stirred up fear within his colleagues.
  • In the past, some might approach Ian in order to direct some of the attention that Ian received onto them, but they came to realize that Ian wasn’t someone to be trifled with. They also saw him as somewhat conniving, figuring they should leave him alone unless the circumstances were otherwise. Thus, Ian was essentially being ostracized, judging by the current situation.
  • Cindy knew Ian well enough to know he wouldn’t care about it. In fact, he might even think that it was for the best, as associating himself with less people meant less trouble. If it wasn’t for his mentality, Cindy would most probably feel sorry for Ian.
  • After a while, the shoot was about to begin, so the guest celebrities filed out of the room, leaving their assistants behind, with Cindy being one of them. These assistants, however, were just like their celebrity partners—they were ostracizing Cindy as well. To a certain extent, Cindy was similar to Ian as neither of them liked being in the entertainment industry, nor did they like socializing with people within the industry. Therefore, the situation at that point was actually to her benefit, as she could avoid engaging in pretentious conversations.
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