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Chapter 14 Slip Away

  • At the same time, Sophia stood beside Trevor quietly. She looked into the bonfire, falling into a trance.
  • John looked at where Zack was pointing, then Zack continued, “But she is really pretty. I mean, the moment she went there, everyone else just looked subpar in comparison.”
  • John squinted. Everyone acknowledged her beauty, and when Old Mr. Constance forced him to marry Sophia, John’s mother told him, “At least she’s pretty, so your kids won’t look too bad.” That was the only good part his mother could come up with.
  • Now she was standing out among the crowd. With her floral dress and her pair of pigtails, she looked more like a young lady than a divorced woman.
  • Zack lowered his voice, saying, “Boss, why didn’t you fall for a pretty lady like her?”
  • Why couldn’t I fall for her? John looked at Sophia and turned back. “Because that’s all she has going for her,” he said softly.
  • Zack was surprised, then he fidgeted. Sophia did only have her looks going for her. She didn’t come from a good family, nor did she graduate from any famed university. Before she was married to John, she didn’t even have a job. Aside from her beauty, there was nothing else to her.
  • Because of that, many from the Constance Family’s company didn’t believe she married him. There were countless women who adored John, and any one of them was better than Sophia. However, nobody expected someone like Sophia to marry John in the end.
  • Zack looked down, out of anything to say.
  • John’s companion looked around and huddled around John. “Why don’t we take a stroll around, Mr. Constance? It’s boring sitting around here.”
  • After pondering for a bit, John nodded. “Sure.”
  • This lady was sent by his partnering company, though John didn’t want to know the deeper reason for this. This trip was all about business for him. The lady was delighted John agreed to her request, so she straightened herself up and strolled along the seaside with John.
  • Zack sat there for a moment, then he followed John. He knew this woman liked John. It was obvious from how she looked at John, but Zack disliked her. At least until now, he hadn’t seen anyone more suited to be John’s wife than Sophia was.
  • As they strolled, John started talking about the collaboration, much to the woman’s amusement. “Everyone says you’re a workaholic, but I didn’t believe them. I guess I have to change my mind now. You even work when you’re relaxing.”
  • John chuckled. “I would have been sleeping in the hotel if I wanted to relax. I came out here for work.”
  • The woman paused, then she smiled again. She invited John out tonight, and John agreed to it readily. She thought John wanted to play, but all he wanted to talk about was work. However, that wasn’t her goal today. Her goal was never the collaboration with the Constance Family.
  • They went to a quieter area, much to Zack’s dismay. At the same time, he whipped out his phone to text Sophia, chastising her for letting this chance slip. ‘How could you walk away with another guy when this is the perfect chance to go with the boss?’ That was essentially what he said.
  • After taking a glance at the message, Sophia deleted it. At the same time, Trevor handed her the grilled meat, and she thanked him politely.
  • Trevor handed her a glass of juice. “Do those guys from earlier know you?”
  • “Now where did that question come from?” Sophia was surprised.
  • Trevor scratched his head sheepishly. “I just think they were looking at you weirdly.”
  • Sophia stared at her juice for a while and sighed. “No. I don’t know those people.”