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Chapter 1394 A True Friend

  • The driver heaved a sigh. “It’s all because of his fame. I hope he’ll be able to overcome this, as life with him is comfortable. I don’t want to work with other celebrities.”
  • Cindy couldn’t help but agree with him. Although she only ever worked under Ian, she could appreciate that Ian was more of a taciturn character who didn’t give her much trouble, which made her life so much easier.
  • When filming at other sets, she used to see how the other assistants were being criticized and chided constantly, so she knew she had it easy in comparison. Therefore, she wished that Ian would thrive within the industry so that she could remain with him. Besides, she still owed Ian money, so she didn’t want anything bad to befall him.
  • Meanwhile, the driver was also feeling slightly dejected upon knowing that things weren’t settled yet. After ending the call, Cindy turned to cast Ian a glance, only to find him retaining his stoic attitude. In fact, he was so unfazed that Cindy was worried about him.
  • It wasn’t until afternoon that Hannah called Ian. As the call was for Ian, she didn’t dare listen in on their conversation, so she watched him from the side. However, Ian kept a poker face throughout the call, so it was nigh impossible for her to even guess what he heard over the phone by observing his facial expressions.
  • The call didn’t last long, as Ian hung up after a while, putting his phone away. Upon seeing that, Cindy asked, “Is the call from Ms. Jones? What did she say?”
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