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Chapter 139 Ever Considered Taking It Further With Isabelle?

  • John froze, at a loss as to how Isabelle came into the conversation. His brows creased for a moment before easing. Meanwhile, Sophia glanced at him with mirth etched on her face before she lowered her head and resumed eating.
  • After breakfast, John went to work, while Sophia leaned back against the sofa and watched television. It was early in the morning, so there wasn’t any interesting program. She held the remote in her hand, channel-surfing impatiently.
  • When John had reached the door, he looked back over his shoulder at Sophia who was dressed casually, leaning back against the sofa with her legs crossed. She’s truly laid-back. I won’t even consider befriending such a lady, let alone marrying her. He stared at her for a while before leaving and closing the door behind him.
  • He then drove to the office. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he saw Zack waiting right at the doors of the elevator, and he seemed to be waiting for him in particular. When Zack caught sight of him, he hurried over and exclaimed, “Boss, there’s something I need to tell you.”
  • John was a touch surprised since he’d never seen Zack this anxious. He snorted. “Did someone give you a hard time?”
  • Zack shook his head. “No, no, let’s talk in your office.” He was fairly bursting at the seams, and as soon as they’d entered John’s office, he promptly closed the door. Then, he stared at John anxiously. “The Bailey Family called early in the morning.”
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