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Chapter 1388 The Life She Led

  • Cindy owed money to every single person on her contact list. Since they were already wary of her, they wouldn’t be answering her calls if she wasn’t about to pay them back. Stopping in front of a traffic light, the driver turned around to check on Cindy. “What’s the matter? You are frowning. Why do you look so troubled, young girl?”
  • Startled, Cindy smiled at the driver in return. “It’s nothing.”
  • There wasn’t a lot that she needed to do for the talk show, so she waited outside when Ian was filming. During the half an hour when Ian was in the show, Cindy went through her contacts multiple times while sitting in the car until he was back again, after which they went back to the hotel. Upon arriving, she helped carry Ian’s luggage to his room before saying, “I’ll be retiring to my room if there’s nothing else you need.”
  • Ian cast her a glance while telling her, “You should have room service get you some medicine if you aren’t feeling well.”
  • Nodding, Cindy replied, “Sure, I will.” She entered her room after bidding him goodbye. Then, she went through her contacts again before steeling her nerves to make two phone calls. In fact, she already knew the reply she would get, as she still owed the other party money, so it was kind of unfair of her to try to borrow from them again.
  • Fortunately, one of the people Cindy called was her roommate during university. Instead of getting angry at her, her former roommate gave her some much-needed advice. “Your family shouldn’t be relying on you like that. You have to think for yourself! Just look at the life you’re living! You’ll be leading this sort of life forever if you don’t learn to put up any boundaries.”
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