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Chapter 1385 A Trap

  • Cindy could see that Ian didn’t want to return to the dressing room, so she pointed toward a nearby spot. “There’s a hall over there. Why not have a seat?”
  • Waving his hand, he declined her offer, choosing to walk over to a window before opening it to allow some breeze into the building. On the other hand, Sena was soon finished with her makeup, so she had her assistant go fetch Ian.
  • Due to the fact that the assistant had been working with Sena for some time, she looked down on other assistants. Walking over to them, the assistant didn’t even acknowledge Cindy, but she addressed Ian directly. “Mr. Morgan, Sena is ready, so she would like to go through a quick rehearsal with you.”
  • Ian hummed in response before replying, “Sure. Let’s go.”
  • While Cindy followed behind them, Sena’s assistant blocked her before she could enter the dressing room. “You can stay here. Our presence in the room won’t be of much help. Furthermore, it might even be a disturbance.”
  • There was a pause before Cindy spoke with an innocent look on her face. “It’s fine. I won’t make a sound while standing inside.”
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