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Chapter 1379 Asked for It

  • Logan pouted. “We can’t be intimate, yet I can’t even kiss you now?”
  • Lola thumped him. “Lower your voice.” After saying that, she glanced out. “Why is she here? What did you all talk about earlier?”
  • Actually, we didn’t talk about anything of significance. Logan hesitated for a moment. ”I think she probably came over to worm her way into our good graces. After all, it was me who caused her son to lose his job, so she might be afraid that I’d continue manipulating things to make life difficult for him.”
  • Returning to the room, Lola lay down. “Who’d be so free to bother him if he didn’t make trouble in the first place?”
  • Logan trailed after her. “You’re right.”
  • A while later, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt came in as well. Mr. Hunt entered the house with a long face, muttering, “What the hell? Who did she think she was?”
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