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Chapter 1371 A Dream

  • Indeed, Lola is no different from Sophia; both of them are mistresses of the family. Thus, Logan and John had no room to resist at all. After a while, Logan brought up Ian, saying that Ian was swamped with work now. He related how Ian didn’t seem to have any rest when they’d followed him around to a few cities, merely having taken half a day to go out and play tourist with them in the beginning before the rest of his time was all filled with work.
  • John nodded. “His career has just taken off, so he indeed has to seize the opportunity while his fame and resources are there.”
  • “Ian has an assistant. I’ve seen her a few times, and I think she’s quite good.” As Logan said this, he couldn’t help stealing a glance at Sophia out of the corner of his eyes.
  • Sophia chortled. “You’re acting anxious on his behalf.”
  • I guess I’m indeed anxious on his behalf. I didn’t really think about it when I was single, but now that I’ve got a family, I just feel as though I’ve abandoned him. It feels like he’s been left out. Beside him, Lola couldn’t resist adding, “He’s just like an old father now. Whenever a girl appears around Ian, he feels that she’s a possible candidate for him.”
  • Logan didn’t deny that he indeed harbored such a thought. There hasn’t been any woman around Ian so far, so that assistant is truly a possibility. If I were to list all the women around him in the many years I’ve known him, it’d been Sophia alone in the past whom he then fell in love with. Thus, now that another woman has appeared, I think he’ll probably fall for her, too.
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