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Chapter 137 Sophia Is Waiting for Me at Home

  • As soon as John returned to his room, he went to his closet and took out the documents in the drawer—a divorce agreement and a divorce certificate. He only remembered this matter today. Mom has always been an impulsive person, so it’ll be troublesome if she fails to control herself and rummages these documents out to show Isabelle considering their close relationship.
  • After packing his things, he sat on the bed for a while before going to Sophia’s previous room. The room was still a mess, making it obvious that no one had come in to clean. Mom probably made this room off-limits, so nobody dared to enter. Walking over, he straightened the bed sheet before tossing the wine bottles, wine glasses, and even the unfinished food into the trash can. Many of Sophia’s things were still here, so he packed them up as well.
  • When he went downstairs again, Mrs. Constance and Isabelle had also finished eating. The two of them were sitting in the living room with the television switched on, their faces wreathed in smiles as they watched some program or other. Occasionally, Mrs. Constance pointed at the television and said something to Isabelle, upon which the latter nodded in agreement. They indeed get along very well. He stood on the stairs and observed them for a while before descending.
  • Mrs. Constance was taken aback when she saw him coming down with a suitcase. That suitcase is Sophia Gwendolyn’s!
  • Only when John had reached the landing did he say, “I’ll be leaving since Sophia is still waiting for me at home.”
  • Mrs. Constance pursed her lips, all the exuberance gone from her face. “Why don’t you drive Belle home as well? It’s very late now.”
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