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Chapter 1364 Mental Fortitude

  • Mr. Hunt smilingly commented, “Young people lack foresight, so it’s understandable. It’s par for the course.”
  • Logan didn’t feel that he’d done anything wrong. There were two plates of steamed prawns on the table, so he moved one of them right before Lola. “I was a touch embarrassed to do this earlier, but now that everything is on the table, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about anymore. Here, this is all yours, Lola.”
  • Lola truly admired his level of shamelessness. They’ve already mocked him that much, yet he can still be so brazen in his speech.
  • At the side, Mrs. Hunt couldn’t quite stop laughing. “I never knew that Logan’s so hilarious!”
  • Old Mr. Jefferson harrumphed. “You think he’s hilarious, but I feel like beating him to death!”
  • Not at all bothered, Logan peeled two prawns for Lola and placed them into her bowl. “You don’t need to bother about them. They’re just jealous.” His voice was exceedingly tender.
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