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Chapter 1362 Whatever You Want

  • Logan went over and opened the cover. “Just a little. You can only eat a few bites, remember?”
  • Lola impatiently snatched the spoon from him. “Yes, yes.”
  • Then, she proceeded to dig up a huge spoonful, whereupon Logan quickly stilled her hand. “Slow down. If you eat such a big bite, your stomach won’t be able to take it.” Dipping his head, he ate half the spoonful of ice cream before humming thoughtfully. “You can only eat this much in a bite.”
  • Lola rolled her eyes at him, instantly switching over from her docile demeanor earlier. Amused at her expression, Logan guffawed. “You’ve got two sides to you, huh?”
  • Subsequently, Lola ate two bites of ice cream. It was indeed too cold, so she couldn’t quite stomach it though it was also mainly because she was a tad worried that it might affect the baby. Thus, she put the spoon down. “Let it thaw for a bit first. I’ll eat it later.”
  • Logan hurriedly moved the carton of ice cream aside. Lola then returned to the bed and leaned back against the headboard. “I feel like eating strawberries.”
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