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Chapter 1360 Pregnant

  • They didn’t have much luggage, so they disembarked from the plane right away. When they went to the airport terminal to retrieve their luggage, Lola instantly caught sight of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt at the exit. All at once, tears streamed down her face. Logan came over after retrieving their luggage and walked out with an arm wrapped around her shoulder.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hunt knew that they were coming back today, but they weren’t aware of the specifics. Thus, Mr. Hunt immediately panicked when he saw Lola crying now. He fixed his gaze on Logan. “What happened?”
  • Logan beamed. “It’s good news, so don’t worry.”
  • Mrs. Hunt rushed over and stroked Lola’s head. “What good news actually made you cry?”
  • Lola dashed her tears. “I was just missing home, nothing more. Logan didn’t bully me.”
  • This wasn’t the place to talk, so they all left the airport terminal and went to the parking lot. Logan then turned and looked at Lola. “How about going back to Jefferson Mansion first? Our family doctor is there.”
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