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Chapter 136 Blatant Matchmaking

  • John got off work on time in the evening and drove straight back to Constance Residence. After parking his car, he slowly walked toward the main building, only to spot the figures in the open space in front of it before he’d even reached. Surprisingly, Isabelle hadn’t left yet.
  • Mrs. Constance and Isabelle were sitting on the rattan chairs by the entrance with a small table that was brought over by a servant in front of them. There were scented tea and fruits on the table. Meanwhile, Mrs. Constance laughed as they talked about some unknown subject, her face glowing. She seemed an entirely different person from the one who was dashing off tears yesterday.
  • John walked over. “Mom.”
  • Upon seeing him, Mrs. Constance instantly got to her feet. “You’re back, John! You’re early today. I thought you’d only be back later.”
  • Beside her, Isabelle stood up as well. John then inclined his head at her in greeting, while she pressed her lips together and smiled sweetly. Mrs. Constance tugged at John’s hand. “Come, come, let’s go into the house. You’ve been slaving away all day, so you must be tired. Dinner will be served very soon.”
  • After glancing around, John concluded that Old Mrs. Constance wasn’t in the living room. “Where’s Grandma?”
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