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Chapter 1354 A Pregnancy Test

  • However, something went awry with Lola’s condition when a little over half a month had passed. Her reaction toward everything turned ambivalent; she ate a lot at times, but other times, she felt like heaving no matter what was in front of her. Besides, she became increasingly lethargic.
  • Logan had been wondering whether she’d end up with child, so now that he saw her in such a condition, he instantly compared it with the information he got from the Internet. Regardless of whether it was truly what he thought or otherwise, he was still excited.
  • He initially wanted to take her to the hospital for a blood test and a thorough examination, but Lola was too lazy to move. Curling into herself on the hotel bed, she squinted. “I don’t want to go anywhere.” After saying that, she smacked her lips and added, “I want to eat tomatoes.”
  • Without even thinking about it, Logan blurted, “I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat.” Even if she’d wanted ambrosia, he’d figure out a way to procure it for her, not to mention tomatoes. He didn’t even bother using the hotel service to have them delivered but went out to buy them personally since he’d only rest easy if they chose the really ripe ones.
  • Lying on the bed, Lola grew drowsy again. She’d gone to bed very early the previous night, but still, she was very sleepy now. It wasn’t that she hadn’t considered the possibility that she was pregnant, but she also wondered whether she was simply too exhausted from going out every day recently. She didn’t want to harbor too much hope lest it all turned out to be a misunderstanding in the end. If it was possible, she hoped to avoid the grief.
  • She then groggily dozed off on the bed. When she awakened, she saw Logan sitting by the bed, staring at her with a tender expression on his face. Propping herself up, she reluctantly sat up. “Where are the tomatoes?”
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