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Chapter 1332 Waiting for the Birth of the Baby

  • John still didn't dare to think about the second child. After all, he had just witnessed the suffering Sophia was going through.
  • Once is enough.
  • Sophia's labor pains became more intense in the afternoon, but when the doctor came to check, her cervix was still barely dilated.
  • At this point, John couldn't sit still anymore. Sophia hadn't eaten for almost a day and was still throwing up. There was nothing in her stomach anymore and what she threw up was all foamy mucus. Her whole person looked completely devoid of life. John frowned. "She has suffered for so long. How could it be that her cervix isn’t dilated enough yet?"
  • The doctor sighed. "Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t have very good uterine resiliency. Wait for a while longer. We will check the situation again at night."
  • Irked by the reply he received, John fumed, "Wait for a while? Is she supposed to lie there and suffer the whole day?”
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