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Chapter 1325 Going Into Labor

  • Fiona quickly composed herself. “That’s right. This is a jolly day for us, so we shouldn’t cry. I’m really happy that you’re married to a decent man like Logan.”
  • As they were speaking, a housekeeper came into the room with a tray of food. Since this was a busy day, the housekeeper said that Logan had told her to prepare some food for Lola.
  • With a smile, Fiona said, “He really loves you, doesn’t he?”
  • Excited for her big day, Lola couldn’t really eat anything. However, she knew that she should eat something to have more energy, so she took over the tray.
  • Just then, Langdon’s phone started ringing. It was a call from someone from his hometown.
  • After he left the room to pick up the call, Fiona took a seat beside her daughter and said, “Yesterday, I spent the entire day answering calls. Almost everyone from our hometown gave me a call. I don’t understand why they seem more excited than I am. Some of them even said that they had bought new clothes to attend your wedding. They also asked me when the cars would arrive so that they could get ready earlier.”
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