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Chapter 1324 Getting Ready For the Wedding

  • It took Lola a long time to get changed into the wedding dress and put on make-up. Meanwhile, Logan had sent a fleet of cars to fetch the neighbors in Lola’s hometown.
  • Logan had to get himself ready as well, but a short moment later, his phone started ringing. After checking the screen, he picked up the call and asked, “John, what’s wrong?”
  • In an apologetic voice, John replied, “Logan, I’m so sorry. Sophia feels pain in her stomach, so we can’t attend your wedding today. We’re in the hospital now, and the doctor has said that she’s going to give birth soon.”
  • Despite being startled for a bit, Logan then said with a smile, “That’s great! It’s fine. The baby is more important. Please take good care of her now. After the wedding, I’ll go to the hospital to see her.”
  • Since John was indeed busy, he hung up the call soon.
  • After giving it a thought, Logan went to look for Lola, who was having her hair styled. Leaning against the door frame, he told her, “John and Sophia are not coming to our wedding. They’re in the hospital now because Sophia is about to go into labor.”
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